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Based in Spain, tazzista is a Ph.D. multidisciplinary artist, educator, and researcher who uses music, watercolor, and animations to create multi-sensory experiences.


Based in Andalusia, Spain, tazzista is a Ph.D. multidisciplinary artist, educator, and researcher who uses music, watercolor paintings, and animations as the main mediums. 

tazzista has been working on his music, paintings, and illustrations as a commissioned artist since 2006. He has produced songs for and collaborated with different awarded artists and collectives such as Collective Red-Whare, contemporary professional dancer and professor Laila Tafur, the composer and interpreter Raphäel Wildemann, the photographer DDO, and the podcaster Brooke Estin among many others.

Every NFT collection he has published, has a leitmotiv and in-depth research on the topic, addressing fundamental human, sociological, and philosophical questions from a combination of artistic and scientific approaches. 

For instance, in his collection ‘Eyes: The Emotions Within the author explored the ways we connect through our eyes and only through them, especially during the pandemic times when full facial expressions were incredibly limited. On the other hand, tazzista has also explored the ‘Altered States of Consciousness’ as a topic in his collection on KnownOrigin. He explored their effects and their abstract representation through two of the oldest mediums for representing those states: Paintings and Music.

His pieces have been reviewed by the Museum of Contemporary Digital Art (MoCDA) and selected by KnownOrigin to be exhibited at the NFT Factory Gallery during the NFT Paris Conference 2023 and during the NFC Conference in Lisbon 2023, NFT NYC 2024 along with top artists such as Ali Sabet, Farrah Carbonell, Dead Seagull and Brian Bixby.

He has also extensive research experience advising international institutions about how the intertwining of technology, culture, and health can provide a more equal, sustainable, and cohesive society. Among his scientific achievements, he has published more than 30 papers in indexed scientific journals (for more information about his scientific background click here).



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